Fun Things to Do With T-Shirts

tshirt-jeans3T-Shirt Quilt Pants

This has to  be the best thing I've seen with t-shirts.  Last year at Quilt Market, the lady checking our tickets at the door  was wearing PANTS made with t-shirts.  OK, that was a first for me.

Here she is in all her glory.  I asked her if it was OK to post on my blog.   She was like "sure, go for it".

 Don't have a pattern or any instructions on how to do this.  But hey...  as she said... "go for it".

I didn't get in there real close to check.  Are the t-shirts OVER the jeans, or did she replace the jeans.  Either way, I LOVE IT!!

T-Shirt Re-Purposing..

tshirt-jeansI'm not going to go into all the silly things that you can do with t-shirts like purses and goofy tees.  I'm still enjoying the t-shirt jeans.  This gal is original and has her own style happening.  I'm loving it.

But, if you need to know. Here are gazillion things to do with old t-shirts.

What’s the one thing that sports teams or events, field trips, church trips, and family reunions have in common? T-shirts. Almost every time you sign up to these, or things similar to these, you are given a shirt to commemorate you participation. But how many of those shirts do you actually wear anymore? If you’re honest with yourself, probably very few (because lets face it, the generic fundraiser shirts just aren’t that cute). But, you have memories tied to those shirts and you can’t possible get rid of them. But you need to do something with them because they are taking up space in you drawer or closet that could be used by clothes you regularly wear. So what do you do? RECYLCE!! You can make all kids of awesome (and cute) things out of those shirts that will actually be used. To give you some ideas, we’ve gathered up 16 different projects to recycle t-shirts and give them new life

See, lots of fun things to do with old t-shirts.  

Other than making t-shirts quilts and pillows, you can make your own DIY project or you send it to us to complete for you.  Can't promise we will do a crochet bag or a belt.  But, we can definitly make a quilt or pillow for you.

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