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Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt

At T-Shirt Quilts of Texas we do quite a few T-Shirt quilts every week. That is hundreds of t-shirts each week. Some t-shirts are so obscure, you know that there has to be a story behind them. That's one of the reasons why I love my job.

Lately, we have had several Harley-Davidson (H-D) quilts. We LOVE creating H-D quilts. When I met my husband way back when, he had a '76 Sportster (he named her Dora), and we took many trips on her. Anyway, MANY years later, we still have a Harley, but she does not get out on the road as often as we used to. We love to see the Harley Davidson t-shirts come in to make a quilt. We had to roll out our '74 Sportster to showcase this quilt from a customer in Ohio.

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Who is Making Your T-Shirt Quilt?

Not All T-Shirt Quilt Makers Are Equal!

What? All you need is a sewing machine and scissors! Right? Ahh No.. There are several factors that go into creating that special t-shirt quilt. Let's look at WHO is making your quilt.

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Memory Quilts From T-Shirts and Clothing

The unthinkable happens. Your mom, dad or another loved one passes on. You find loads of clothes in their closet. What are you going to do with the clothes? If someone does not immediately clear the decks and take the clothing to Goodwill you have the opportunity to create a lasting memory with the clothes.

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Too Many T-Shirts? How Much Is Too Much? aka... Harley Davidson Quilts

We recently had a customer that wanted a LOT of t-shirts included in their quilt. I had to limit it to 42 t-shirts. That is a LOT of t-shirts and results in HUGE quilt.. The most we can load on our quilting machine is 6 blocks wide. That is 6 blocks wide (14" blocks, plus sashing, plus borders).

We have always limited our quilt sizes to 36 blocks. Keep in mind that is a huge King-sized quilt. However, this customer insisted we use 42 t-shirts. Of course they were Harley Davidson t-shirts. OK, I have to admit we have a soft spot for H-D t-shirts. Hubby had a '74 Sportster before he met me. He named her 'Dora'. So, how could we say no to this one? 

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