What Size T-Shirt Quilt Do I Want?

I Have Too Many T-Shirts I Have Too Many T-Shirts

You have a HUGE pile of T-Shirts. How many souvenir t-shirts from vacation travels do you have? Were you in sports, band and every group at high school? Oh, maybe you were in a sorority or fraternity in college. If you were like my daughters, they acquired a new t-shirt every time their sorority had an event, which was most every week! These days, a t-shirt is created for every event, and it is not unusual to have a large collection of t-shirts. 

How Many T-Shirts Do I Need?

The hardest decision in getting a t-shirt quilt made is deciding how large to make it. In other words, how many t-shirts do I need? If you have a huge collection of tee shirts, you might think that you need a king sized quilt. Just because you have a lot t-shirts, you might want a huge quilt. Determine what the best use for your quilt will be; something to relax under on the couch, or as an actual bed quilt. If making Memory quilts, we suggest that you make the Generous Throw sized quilt.T-Shirt Quilt Sizes

  • 9 T-Shirts - Small throw
  • 12 T-Shirts - Generous Throw
  • 15 T-Shirts - Twin Size/College Dorm Bed
  • 16 T-Shirts - Stadium Throw
  • 20 T-Shirts - Full/Double Size
  • 25 T-Shirts - Queen/King
  • 30 T-Shirts - King
  • 36-42 Shirts - You have  a huge collection!!!

Standard Mattress And Quilt Sizes

When making a quilt for a specific bed, measure the mattress and determine how much of a 'drop' you want. We hesitate to say a particular quilt will fit your bed. Back when I was a kid, mattresses were about 6 inches tall. Now they can be anywhere up to 22 inches or even more. A King-sized quilt that was made in the 1970's (for a waterbed- which had no drop) does not fit my King-sized bed of the 21st century.

Drop - The amount the quilt hangs over the SIDE of the bed. To figure the 'drop' of a mattress, just measure how tall your mattress is. Then multiply that times 2 and add that number to the width of your mattress size. Do the same for the length of the of the mattress. Also, keep in mind that some beds sit closer to the floor, while others almost need a ladder to climb into!

Select Your T-Shirts 

sorting t-shirts for quilt Sorting through nearly a hundred t-shirts.

Narrowing down the t-shirts to a manageable number can be quite daunting. Of course, we prefer that you do it before you get here, or just mail in the shirts you would like us to use. But, sometimes, it is just too hard to decide. This repeat customer brought in around a hundred t-shirts to make one 30 block quilt. (We also went through another hundred t-shirts to do the 2nd quilt for the other child).

At T-Shirt Quilts of Texas, we are happy to go through your selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts or whatever, to help you have the most successful t-shirt quilt. 



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