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What is a T Shirt Quilt Do-Over?

blanket made from t shirts

You collected your t shirts over the years and finally decided to have a one of a kind quilt or blanket made from your treasured memories. You get your quilt back and you burst into tears. What happened? Maybe you sent it to some Etsy or Facebook vendor, your best friends’ mom, or (ahem), you tried to do it yourself. Doesn’t matter, you hate the quilt and you want a ‘do-over’.

blanket made from t shirts

Can You Really Have a Quilt Do-Over?

You would think that there is only one chance to have that quilt made.  Trust me, we do several ‘do-over’ quilts each year. You all have seen the ads for the cheapo (crappy) $79 quilts.  This is one those.  The unhappy mother laments on the order form about her dissatisfaction. 

“I had this done for my son & am very unhappy.  NO Quilting – so can’t wash. NO Borders. UGH.  If at least you can quilt it, thanks   ….  thanks, Sandy”     She had mentioned in the phone call that she had specified a dark green for the backing and had gotten the ‘sissy’ green instead.

So, This was an easy fix for us.  We removed the stitching from the outer edges.   Threw away the ugly, nasty fleece ( which was all pilled and bumpy).   Must admit that it was nicely sewn – with a serger.  That meant we had to take another 1/4 inch  off of the already small 12 ” squares.

No worries, we added some sashings, cornerstones and borders.  What was originally  47″ x 82″  –  a very long skinny quilt.   After we finished with it, it was a more useable 56″ x 72″ size.

Worst Quilt of the Century!

A couple of years ago, a mom called us, and indicated that her daughter was very distraught over the quilt she had gotten back.   She had contacted somebody on Facebook, and for $180 was going to make a quilt.   Could I fix it?  Well, it was nearly Quilt Market & Quilt Festival time, and I was going to be out of the shop for some time.  We made arrangements to meet in the lobby of the Hilton, across from George R Brown in Houston to show me the quilt.  OMG!   This is literally the WORST quilt ever made.  See the photo to the left.  This is a REAL quilt that someone actually charged money for.  Photo is untouched, other than my adding a few comments!!!  No batting, no quilting.  Not really any borders – or binding!  I was not prepared…. 

Keep in mind that we are in the lobby of a hotel where the largest convention that happens in Houston every year is filled with QUILTERS.   We promised anonymity!!

Needless to say, this was the worst ‘quilt’ that I had ever seen in my life.  The girl had her boyfriend pick up the quilt.  He didn’t look at it, and just paid the money.  They didn’t get a look until it was home. The mom was so embarrassed, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her no.  So, I put it out of my mind, took it home and put it in a project box.   Long story short, because the quilt was so poorly made, it was actually easy to take apart.  Ends up that I had lots of t-shirt fabric to work with, as the crafter had taken anywhere from 1/2″ to 2″ seam allowances. 

Oops, The Dog Ate My Quilt!

Okay, we have talked about this before in this post – Repairing T Shirt Quilts   So, if you had a quilt made by T-Shirt Quilts of Texas and the dog (maybe your cat??)  eats your quilt!  We will do our best to replace the  and repair your quilt for a reasonable cost.

What We Can do to Fix or Improve

  • We can take  t-shirts and place them in an orderly manner.  Usually, this includes a different layout than the random selection by the cheapo places.
  • We can add sashings and cornerstones.  This adds some order to your chaos.
  • We can add outer borders, which will make your quilt a more useable size.
  • We will add batting, and a 100% cotton backing. 
  • We will professionally machine quilt it to give stability to the quilt. 
  • We will turn it from a blanket into a quilt.

What We Can Not Fix (aka this is more difficult to fix)

  • If image was cropped to close (or through) an image or logo .
  • Needle holes from previous sewing/quilting/Tied Quilts. . However, note that most of these holes disappear after one or two trips to the laundry!

While we are in the business of quilt repairs in general.  If you have a quilt that you just hate, shoot some photos and let us know.  We can probably help you out.

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