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Using Hats in a T Shirt Quilt

Wow, you have a favorite hat from your favorite baseball team (Go Astros!!!), favorite hobby or whatever. (Hubby has an obscure image from  the insert adapter of a 45 record that you use to play on a record player on his favorite hat). Whatever your hat represents, you probably want to include it in your t-shirt quilt.  The image represents YOU!

45 RPM Adapter for record player
45 RPM record player adapter

We have had mixed opinions  over the years on whether we can include the logos from a hat in a t-shirt quilt.

Recently, we had an order for six quilts and  they wanted to include 27 hats.

Wow.  27 hats. Keep in mind that each hat requires special attention.   Hats are NOT normally FLAT.

Kandi Corner Golf Academy hat used in quilt
Kandi Corner Golf Academy hat used in quilt

So, what is the plan?  OK, we always say that anything that can be laundered can be used….  Hmmmm.  So why do we charge $12 per hat to add a hat to your quilt?

Steps to use a hat logo in a quilt:

  • Rough cut out the logo/image from the quilt
  • Apply a fusible glue to the backside of image (Heat N Bond)
  • Use special templates to create a pleasing shape, resulting in a ‘badge’ circle or oval shape.
  • Additional layout, to determine ‘where’ to add the badge
  • Iron the badge to the quilt top.
  • Stitch around the badge to the quilt top with matching thread color.
  • Quilt the quilt top.  usually causing a thickness that may or may not quilt with the quilting machine.  Sometimes, if the thickness is excessive, the computer will stitch ‘around’ the badge instead of through it.
Astros Hat logo
Houston Astros hat logo used in t-shirt quilt

All of those steps add about 20-30 minutes to the process of making your quilt.  We normally charge $7.50  to $10.00 for a standard  “combine“.  Appliquéing a hat image is a huge time suck that we have to pass the costs on to you.  We thought this was best over the option of not accepting hats for inclusion. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

More information about ‘COMBINES‘.