What Is A Quilt Sandwich?

What’s a Quilt Sandwich?

A quilt sandwich is what quilters call the three layers of a quilt.  The 'sandwich' consists of the quilt top, the batting and the backing. 

The quilt “sandwich” consists of backing, batting, and the quilt top. First, you’ll cut the backing 4” to 6” longer and wider than the quilt top.

If you’re planning to quilt the project yourself, you’ll baste the layers together using thread or safety pins. Use LARGE stitches (or safety pins) anywhere from 4 to 6 inches apart. 

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T-Shirt/Memory Quilts Come In MANY Styles

We are the melting pot of the world.  There are all sorts of people, and all sorts of tastes.   That is great as we have all sorts of Memory and T-Shirt Quilt styles.   Lets look at SOME of our best selling quilt styles. Bet one of them will be your favorite!

Traditional Quilt Style

This is THE premier top of the line quilt on the web.  This one is features our signature style of sashings, cornerstones and TWO borders.  No one else offers that as the 'standard'.  Optional features include a 3rd Accent Border and flannel backing upgrade.  

This quilt is made up entirely of Oklahoma State University tshirts.  Collegiate fabrics highlight the outer border. 

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Can I Add A Photo To My T-Shirt Quilt?

Adding Photos to a T-Shirt or Memory Quilt

T-Shirt quilts are like billboards.  They tell everyone what you like to do, where you've been or even where you're going.  Photos on t-shirts are just that extra special sauce to make your memory or t-shirt quilt awesome!

Consider Using images Like:

  • photos (kids, pets, school fun, vacation, family group, best friends, picnics, holidays)
  • text 
  • poem ( or special sentiment that might be too much embroider)
  • wedding invitation
  • graduation announcement
  • school logos
  • student art
  • reunion or events tee shirts
  • awards (see photo below) 
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10 Ways to Cut a Fat Quarter


Quilting Fabric Made Easy

How many of us have a huge pile of fat quarters that you don't know what to do with? You can cut these fat quarters into the popular pre-cuts that fabric shops are offering to make quilts and use them that way. Popular sizes are layer cakes (10" squares), charm packs (5" squares), and jelly rolls (2 5" x 44" strips).

Precut fabrics are the biggest trend these days in the quilting world. If you already have fat quarters or yardage - make your own!

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Thinking about having a T-Shirt quilt made? 

Download our Free Buying Guide

Before you have a T-Shirt quilt made, be sure to read our T-Shirt Quilt Buyers Guide so that you have the information you need to make an informed choice about what type of T-Shirt quilt you want to have made.

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