Too Many T-Shirts? How Much Is Too Much? aka... Harley Davidson Quilts

42 Block Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt

We recently had a customer that wanted a LOT of t-shirts included in their quilt. I had to limit it to 42 t-shirts. That is a LOT of t-shirts and results in HUGE quilt.. The most we can load on our quilting machine is 6 blocks wide. That is 6 blocks wide (14" blocks, plus sashing, plus borders).

We have always limited our quilt sizes to 36 blocks. Keep in mind that is a huge King-sized quilt. However, this customer insisted we use 42 t-shirts. Of course they were Harley Davidson t-shirts. OK, I have to admit we have a soft spot for H-D t-shirts. Hubby had a '74 Sportster before he met me. He named her 'Dora'. So, how could we say no to this one? 

Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt

So, we finished the quilt with 42 blocks. It turned out wonderful. So wonderful in fact that it was almost too large to photograph! Found out that the front of our shop (below the T-Shirt Quilts company sign handles a quilt that is 5 rows tall pretty well.) Seven rows and our quilt holder stand does not go that tall. Ooops!

So, to the right  is a photo of a 25 block quilt of Harley-Davidson shirts that we just completed for a customer in Ohio. Of course we used our special combination of Harley fabrics, and in front is hubby's '74 Ironhead Harley Sportster.

We usually have one or two Harley quilts in process at any given time. We offer several tone on tone blackprints, and an awesome orange flame fabric for an accent. The result is a great custom quilt using your Harley t-shirts to create a one of a kind quilt that makes a special gift for your loved one. Really, once he sees the quilt, he won't mind that the t-shirts that he can no longer wear has been transformed into an awesome custom t-shirt quilt.

12 blockDo you have a collection of Harley-Davidson t-shirts? Do you want to give the best gift ever? Just round up those Harley t-shirts, and we promise that this will be the most awesome gift ever. Keep in mind that most official Harley t-shirts have great images on both front and back of the t-shirts. We can make any size quilt from a generous throw to king sized quilt. Just let us know what you have in mind.

The 12 Block quilt pictured on the right is one of our shop samples and is for sale. Contact us for details if interested.

Whether you have 12 t-shirts or 42 t-shirts (oh my) we can create a custom quilt for you that you will treasure for a lifetime.

To learn more about having a quilt made from your T-shirts, download our free T-Shirt Quilt Buyer's Guide. It's a great place to learn about the different styles and quality of t-shirt quilts. 

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