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Can a T-Shirt Quilt Made From the Same Color Shirts Look Good?

Same Color TShirts

You have a collection of tees, maybe from running (mostly white) , Harley Davidson shirts (mostly black) or concert shirts (again, mostly black).  Can we make these quilts look great?

We say YES!  We do this by adding a sashing border around each tshirt .   We add a contrasting color fabric around each shirt so that the monochrom colored shirts don’t ‘mush’ together like in those chaos/random quilts.  

White  tees made into a colorful quilt.
White tees made into a colorful quilt.

Recently, a customer emailed us with concerns that all of her t-shirts were  all the same color (Harley-Davidson black tees).  She was concerned that the quilt would be ‘too dark’, and what could we do to ‘perk’ them up a bit.

We advised her that adding sashings add a bit of contrast/color around each shirt so that the quilt would not be a big blob of ‘black’ (or white) and un-appealing. Sashings actually add an essential element that ties the colors of the tshirts together, and makes the quilt a complete piece of art.  Whether it  is a bright color for those all white running shirts, for a gray neutral for the mostly Harley or Concert shirts.  The sashings give the eye a place to rest, and not get lost in a mass of one color.

Quilt made from Wichita State (Kansas) Wheat Shocker tshirts
Quilt made from Wichita State (Kansas) Wheat Shocker tshirts
Quilt made from all White TShirts

Again, the quilt on the left consists of all white tees.  By adding the green sashings, the green accent border (and cornerstones)  ‘perk’ up the quilt and adds interest to the final quilt.  What do you think?

Whatever collection the of tees that you have.  You can lay them out the way you would like, or let us take care of that for you.   Normally, most collections of tshirts are not all one color.  But, if they are, trust us to add design elements such as sashings and accent borders to give you a complete and pleasing quilt.

T-Shirt Quilts of Texas is a professional company making custom quilts from YOUR t-shirts for over 15 years. Let us know what your collection consists of and we will be happy to create an heirloom for you.

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Why Would a T-Shirt Quilt Need to be Dry-Cleaned?

Why Does Anything Need to be Dry-Cleaned?

There are several reasons:

  • Unknown fabric content
  • Silks, wools that have never been laundered
  • Clothing was always dry-cleaned, never laundered
  • Fabrics you think might shrink

What is Difference Between Dry-Cleaning and Laundering?

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning process uses solvents or chemicals to clean the clothes. It is “dry” because it doesn’t use water, as in normal wet laundering. Most laundries use the chemical perchloroethylene (PERC) to remove grease and stains from clothing. The clothes are put into a machine and washed during the tumbling cycle. Then the solvents are removed, filtered and recycled. Next, the clothes are dried in the dry cleaning machine and removed for steaming and ironing to remove wrinkles. Dry cleaning has some advantages over normal laundering: It effectively gets rid of grease and oil stains better; reduces garment shrinkage; minimizes decolonization; and protects the original condition of clothing.*

Laundry or Wet Cleaning

The traditional wet laundry cleaning method involves using detergent in water with the clothing during the washing cycle. Sometimes a spot remover is sprayed on a stain before washing. The detergent removes the dirt during the agitation process. Then the water then removed from the clothes during the spin cycle. The clothes are dried either in a dryer or hung up to dry and afterwards steamed and pressed to remove the wrinkles. Wet laundry also has its benefits: it is cheaper as only water and detergent are used..*

So, if a fabric would shrink or bleed if washed with water, you would dry-clean it.

Why Would You Need to Dry-Clean Your Memory or T-Shirt Quilt?

T-Shirt quilts only need to be dry-cleaned if the fabrics will shrink or the colors bleed if they are laundered in a washing machine. Since we only use high quality 100% cotton fabrics to make your quilt (and your t-shirts have probably been laundered a gazillion times; regular laundry should be fine). We always suggest that ALL clothing be laundered before making it into a quilt (especially memory quilts). 
T-shirt quilts contain three types of material: T-shirt fabric, batting and backing fabric. 

I must note that we did a quilt in 2017 pictured above, where the customer provided 12 or her favorite CASHMERE wool sweaters. Since those sweaters had never been laundered, we suggested that they continue to take the finished quilt to the dry cleaners.


How Should I Wash My T-Shirt/Memory Quilt?

We recommend that any quilt (whether a tee shirt quilt or vintage quilt) be laundered in our TShirtQuiltsTX – QuiltWash. This is simply ORVUS paste. We just happen to repackage it in an 8 oz size, so that you don’t have to buy the Gallon Jug size that you can find at most Feed Stores.
Use warm/tepid water, gentle cycle

Dry using a low heat or hang outside on clothesline.

For more on the Care of your T Shirt quilt click here.