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What is a T Shirt Quilt Do-Over?

blanket made from t shirts

You collected your t shirts over the years and finally decided to have a one of a kind quilt or blanket made from your treasured memories. You get your quilt back and you burst into tears. What happened? Maybe you sent it to some Etsy or Facebook vendor, your best friends’ mom, or (ahem), you tried to do it yourself. Doesn’t matter, you hate the quilt and you want a ‘do-over’.

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Oops, The Dog Ate My T-Shirt Quilt!

Parts of a quilt needing repair
Can you – or should you repair a quilt?

Can You Fix My Quilt?

Things happen.  Puppies are teething, and maybe they used your favorite tshirt quilt to chew on.  What we can do?

The quilt on the right was christened by our own Shiner  (a blue heeler) about 12 years ago.  He teethed in several places, but I already fixed the worst holes..  These that are left, just make me go awwwww.

 So, what happens when you have a quilt that is damaged?  Can we fix it?  Well, yes, pretty much anything can be fixed.  However, it might cost a bit. Continue reading Oops, The Dog Ate My T-Shirt Quilt!