Theme T-Shirt Quilt of The Week - Vintage Cars

002aOne of my favorite quilts that we completed for Christmas was a large quilt with 25 t-shirts (king size). These t-shirts were from many and assorted car shows from the Southeast area of the country. I guess if you are in Florida, (maybe retired) and have a great car to show off, you go to car shows and display your car. We used to go to these type of shows when hubby had his vintage '57 MGA . Love looking at those vintage sport and muscle cars.


Vintage Chevy T-shirt Vintage Chevy T-Shirt.  This is the owner of this t-shirt quilts' car!  How cool is this?  They had their own vintage car printed on a t-shirt.

If you look at the different blocks, you can see that the owner of this quilt loves to go to the different car shows. They chose the layout. Mostly laid out in chronological order. That turquoise car on the bottom row is their car! We matched the accent color of the quilt to the color of the car.

What kind of t-shirt collection do YOU have? At T-Shirt Quilts of Texas, we love to look at your collection of t-shirts. Maybe it is car shows, Harley-Davidson shirts or vacation shirts. They all make a great custom quilt that is unique for you.

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