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maui.pngFamily Reunion T-Shirt Quilts

We have done several annual family gathering or reunion quilts this last month or so.  I am always so impressed by the creativity of families that meet year after year and create a t-shirt every year to commemorate the event. 

One of my favorite family vacations was a trip to Hawaii with the whole family; kids, grand-kids, and in-laws.  We rented a huge house next to the beach.  Family, fellowship and lots of beach time.   My daughter created the logo for the t-shirts that we had printed for every participant.   Every time I see this logo,  I get warm fuzzy feelings, and  remember the warmth from playing in the ocean on Baby Beach in Kauai with the kids and grand-kids. 

BugosReunion-1.jpgWe see great collections of t-shirts from other  families that are lucky enough to meet every year for a family reunion.  This colorful quilt was made up of tees from eleven years of 'Cousins Camp'  2005 - 2015.    As  I understand it, the grandmother organized an annual summer visit to Oak Ridge Tennessee for all the cousins (her grand-children).   They referred to it as "Cousin Camp".   From the number of signatures on the that center block there were lots of kids there.  Each year, the kids would all sign the back of the tee shirts.  How cool is that? 

In this quilt, they chose to have the tee shirts  laid out in chronological order instead of laying it out by design.  The eleven annual collectible  Cousin Camp shirts  surround a twelveth block where all the 'cousins' signed  the block. 

What kind of collection of shirts do you have? 

Whether it is family reunion tees, graduation t-shirts or just a collection of travel shirts.  We will create an heirloom quilt that will be treasured for a lifetime. Get Started Now



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