Quilts For Camp Hope

  On this Independence Day, I would like to feature two special organizations in the Houston area, "Camp Hope" and "Quilts for Camp Hope".   

 Camp Hope in Houston, is a facility belonging to the PTSD Foundation of America. Opened in May 2012, Camp Hope helps veterans with multiple obstacles like job placement, transportation and peer support groups integration as they work to get more out of their lives.  It currently houses veterans and their families from all over the United States expense free.

Happy 4th of July from T-Shirt Quilts of Texas

Quilt for Camp Hope by Sharon Dixon, Katy TXQuilts for Camp Hope is  a group of quilters gathering resources and materials to construct quilts (similar to Quilts of Valor)  and present them to the residents of Camp Hope.  The project organizer is Carol A Thelen.  She is doing such  a great job getting this going, and has already awarded over 25  quilts since starting last fall (2015).

The quilt pictured to the right was made by my good friend  Sharon Dixon, and has already been awarded to a veteran that completed that completed the program at Camp Hope.

If you would like to make a quilt top, quilt a quilt or donate quilt shop quality fabric or other materials.  Just get in contact with Carol via her website.

 If you would like a patriotic or a tshirt quilt made for you, contact T-Shirt Quilts of Texas for more information.

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