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How To Display A T-Shirt Quilt

Memorial Quilts

Three Main Ways to Display a Quilt

Using people to hang a quilt.
Using People to hang a quilt. Temporary method…

There are three categories for hanging or displaying your T-Shirt Quilt.  Temporary, Semi-Permanent and Permanent.  I think the terms are self-explanatory, but lets take a look at some creative options for displaying your t-shirt quilt.

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T-Shirt Quilt Makers Near Me – Is This The Best Option??

Looking for a T-Shirt Quilt Maker?

You typed in “T-Shirt Quilt Makers Near Me”. You may or may not have found great Google results for a tshirt quilt maker.

Several times this past week, I’ve heard the comment “oh, I’m so glad you are local, I wouldn’t want to put my tshirts in the mail”. While, we are fortunate to live outside of a huge metro area (Houston), I cringe a bit on the inside when hearing that. There are actually two issues here. Trusting the Post Office and not knowing anything about the t-shirt quilt maker.

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What is a T Shirt Quilt Do-Over?

blanket made from t shirts

You collected your t shirts over the years and finally decided to have a one of a kind quilt or blanket made from your treasured memories. You get your quilt back and you burst into tears. What happened? Maybe you sent it to some Etsy or Facebook vendor, your best friends’ mom, or (ahem), you tried to do it yourself. Doesn’t matter, you hate the quilt and you want a ‘do-over’.

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What is Longarm Machine Quilting?

Domestic vs. Longarm Machines

Domestic Sewing Machine – This is the sewing machine that you would use at home for regular sewing (& maybe embroidery). The head** is stationary, and you move the fabric when sewing or quilting.

Quilt being quilted on a longarm machine
Elephant quilt being quilted. Parts of a longarm quilting machine

Longarm Machine – An industrial type sewing machine where the ‘head’ moves instead of being stationary. The machine head** is moved from one side to the other while stitching (head moves, fabric stationary). Continue reading What is Longarm Machine Quilting?