Memory Quilts From T-Shirts and Clothing

The unthinkable happens. Your mom, dad or another loved one passes on. You find loads of clothes in their closet. What are you going to do with the clothes? If someone does not immediately clear the decks and take the clothing to Goodwill you have the opportunity to create a lasting memory with the clothes.

 Memory Quilts

Memory QuiltsThis is where we come in.

Really, all you need is about 10 pieces of clothing, and we can create a lasting memory quilt that will comfort loved ones that are still around. Whether it is t-shirts or 'regular' clothing, we can probably use it. Just dump everything in the laundry. If it launders well, we can probably use it.

We have several styles of quilts that we can create with loved ones clothing. The most popular style is what we call the 'traditional' style; which is kinda like our t-shirt quilts, only we scale the size of the block down to 7 inches. This creates a very traditional styled quilt that family members can identify with and will treasure for a lifetime. 

Embroidery Sentiment The picture above features a pair of quilts that were created with a limited number of shirts. The guy was a hunter. We found some specialty fabric for the borders, and the backing was a brown coordinating flannel. The result - a soft - memory quilt that the family treasure for a lifetime.

As an added bonus the customer wanted a special sentiment added on the back.

We offer embroidery services to add a sentiment for memory quilts. These can be embroidery added to the borders on the front of the quilt, or in this case, we used a portion of one of the shirts, and added embroidery with a sentiment and details of the deceased.

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