Is a Professional Making YOUR T-Shirt Quilt?

Not All T-Shirt Quilt Makers are Created The Same 

WHAT?  Some companies (or crafters) actually send their quilt projects  off-site  while their customers think that  their special tees will stay at the place they mailed them.  In many cases, the quilt-maker is sub-contracting some or part of the quilt process.  Maybe they are piecing the quilt top, then sending it to someone else to quilt it. This happens  because this place is NOT a professional business. 

A professional t-shirt quilt maker is making your quilt start to finish.  They have the equipment. They have the materials.  They have the employees.  They are not farming out any  work to someone else.   This happens for several reasons; see my post on Who Is Making Your T-Shirt Quilt.   Look for a company that will complete your quilt 'in house' and reduce the risk of sending your treasured tees to someone else.

How does this effect your quilt?

Crushed Ship box FAILFind out if your quilt-maker is actually making your entire quilt. There are several things to consider.

  1. You send your tees to the quilt-maker.  You should expect that they stay 'on-site' and not sent to another location.   (This is different than a company having employees who work on your quilt.)
  2. Using sub-contractors involve additional  time and cost for the person making your quilt/blanket. A professional  business will give you a price up front and there should be no surprises in the final cost.
  3.  A specific turn-around date.  Industry norm is 4 to 6 weeks.  Anything longer than that, should give you concern that the quilt maker is in over their head.  (Ours is 4-6 weeks even during peak seasons - we just work the extra hours to get everything done)
  4. Will  a sub-contractor take the same care that a professional will give to your tshirts?  
  5. Does your quilt maker have business insurance?  

What Questions You Should be Ask Your T-Shirt Quilt Company?

  1. Once my shirts arrive, do you ever send them off-site?  Where is this off site (i.e. a neighbor or mailing it  off somewhere).
  2. What is their quilting experience?
  3. Do they have  business insurance to cover your project?
  4. Do you use subcontractors or full time employees? 

aggie-1000Should You Risk Sending Your T-Shirts to a Quilt-Maker That Uses Sub-Contractors (or friends)

Ask yourself why your quilt project is being sent off site… Is it because they don't have the skills or equipment to complete your job professionally?  Are your shirts being sent to a buddy to work on?  Are they professionals?  Are they doing this as a hobby?

At T-Shirt Quilts of Texas  we make all of our quilts in house. We have experienced employees  that  will work on your quilt and give your a quilt that you will treasure for a lifetime.



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