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Hurricane Harvey Update

 We want to reach out to all of our customers and friends, to offer our deepest condolences for anyone that was affected by Hurricane Harvey 2017. We wish you a speedy recovery, and please don't worry about your quilts, as they are safe and sound.  Just let us know how you are doing, and if there is anything we can do to help.30 inches of rain in Cypress

Even though we are in the Houston area, we are quite a distance to the northwest of areas that flooded. We have had lots of rain, but the worst was over for us a few days ago. We never lost power, and we are working away at orders in house.. All customer t-shirts, quilt tops and quilts are safe and in no danger.

We are so blessed and our hearts are so full as we have seen both the devastation of some of our friends along with the outpouring of generosity of those less effected by floods.  Everyone from the first responders, the folks from Austin drove down with their boats, the P3 Off-Road in Tomball TX, the Cajun Navy from Lousiana, and regular folks that were out there from the beginning with their high-wheeled trucks, boats, and the list goes on.

Did you know that:

  • many areas got over 50 inches (that is over 4 feet) of rain in just a few days.   That is a whole years rainfall in 3 days!!  
  • Houston is flat.  
  • Houston  area covers 100's of square miles.
  • Houston is the 4th largest  city in the country (Houston & surrounding areas include about 6 million people.  Fact- you can drive way south of Houston to way North of Houston and cover OVER a hundred miles... )
  • A good portion of these folks were NOT in the flood plain.   Many of these folks were flooded because the Corps of Engineers chose to 'sacrifice' thousands of homes when they released flood waters that have never been released before, and are not considered to be in the flood plain.  My best friend has lived in her home for almost 25 years- it has NEVER flooded.  It did this time.
  • Houston refines a significant amount of this countries gasoline. Gas is going to cost more as there is a limited supply.  

Had a call yesterday from a customer who got flooded and lost everything including their 3 cars.  Wanted to know if they could 'settle up' after the flood waters go down.  She was in tears and thankful that this quilt we had made was going to contain so many of the memories.  I'm in tears after getting off of the phone with her.

I heard someone on the news say " We've Got This".  Yes, Texas has an attitude.  We have got this.  

Betty Baker is the owner of T-Shirt Quilts of Texas and Shadywood Quilts.  She has been quilting for over 35 years and quilting for others for over 16 years.  


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