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How To Display A T-Shirt Quilt

Memorial Quilts

Three Main Ways to Display a Quilt

Using people to hang a quilt.
Using People to hang a quilt. Temporary method…

There are three categories for hanging or displaying your T-Shirt Quilt.  Temporary, Semi-Permanent and Permanent.  I think the terms are self-explanatory, but lets take a look at some creative options for displaying your t-shirt quilt.


Quilts displayed 3 ways, people, chair and savage stand
Memory quilts displayed three ways. Savage Quilt Hanger, Draped over a rod, and draped over a chair.

Several reasons why you might want to hang a quilt for a short amount of time.  A surprise party, anniversary celebration, graduation party, shower, or just to get a photograph are ideas that come to mind. 

You want a quick and easy way to display the quilt that does not harm the quilt or the walls. Below are some ideas and images of some possible ways to hang your quilt.

– People

OK, this is the most brutal method of displaying the quilt.  The poor person that has to stand there and hold the quilt with their arms above the head while everyone tries to get their camera working.  This method does not make a great photo, as you will invariably see fingers and maybe feet in the photo.  (Remember – Kilgore was here???)

– Photo Stand

Here at T-Shirt Quilts of Texas, we have a Savage Photo Stand that we use to take our photos.  We use cafe curtain clips on the rod, and can quickly hang a quilt, take photos, and then move on. Sometimes, we will have a customer quilt hanging from the stand when they were due to arrive to pick it up!

– Pants Hangars

Who would have thought?  All those pants or skirt hangars that you brought home from Dillard’s, Kohl’s or Wal-Mart…  We have a use for them!  Just clip the top part of the quilt in the clamp and hang on a curtain rod.

Pants hangars make good quilt hangars
Pants hanger used to hang quilt

– Pins/ Push Pins

Straight pins.  OK, the quilter side of me cringes at the thought of using pins to hang a quilt.  But — I have done it.  I’m not proud…   Keep in mind that using pins, push pins or thumbtacks can create holes in your quilt.  Your option though.

Semi Permanent

– Stair Cases or Balconies

Of course to use this method, there needs to be a staircase or balcony.  Just drape the quilt over the railing (or have someone hold the quilt if going for a photo) If going for the permanent method try not to have sunlight shining directly on the quilt.  (Sunlight can bleach the color out of the quilt).

– Ladder

How cool.  If you have a vintage ladder to use it to display one or more quilts.  I have an oak ladder in the shop that leans against the wall, with several quilts folded on it.

– Couch or Easy Chair

Just drape across the arm or back, making it great to look at and easy to pull over your legs if you want.


– Quilt Rack

This is a special shelf that is permanently attached to a wall.  Usually a dowel rod is incorporated to drape the quilt.  (TIP:  If the wood is newly painted or stained, put an old pillowcase between the wood and quilt to protect the quilt).

– Curtain Rod

Ask your quilter to add a hanging sleeve or loops to the back of the quilt and then run a curtain rod through it and hang it like a curtain.  This is how we display quilts at our quilt shows, and works great at home as well.Velcro Method

Velcro Method

Attach a 2″ wide strip of the hook side of Velcro tape onto a wooden board that is slightly shorter than the width of the quilt. Machine stitch the remaining portion of Velcro tape onto a 3″ wide washed cotton strip. This strip is then sewn onto the quilt using stitches that go through all three layers of the quilt. The Velcro/cotton strip is then attached to the Velcro strip fastened to the board.

– Command Hooks

Command Hooks are great for hanging quilts.  They attach to walls, and can be removed with no nail holes or other marks.  Make sure you get the appropriate size for the weight of the quilt. 

– Hang-It Dang-It

hangit dangit

 The Hang it dang it quilt hanger slides into a sleeve sewn onto the back of your quilt. The hanger bracket snaps onto the hanger rod over top of the sleeve. Hang your quilt on the wall using one nail in the center.    By using only one hanger bracket attached to the center of the hang it dang it quilt hanger, your quilt will balance itself naturally.

Quilt Care

  • NEVER hang a quilt in direct sunlight.
  • NEVER hang a quilt with clip-on metal curtain hangers. The weight of the quilt gradually creates small tears where it is clipped.
  • NEVER hang a quilt by directly tacking or nailing it to the wall.
  • Quilts that are hung should be rested periodically, because of the stress that occurs over extended lengths of time.
  • Quilts that are hung in the open should be periodically vacuumed to keep dust from damaging the fibers.

    For more details about taking care of your quilt, check out these Quilt Care Resources.

So there are lots of ways to hang your t-shirt quilt.  You can spend a lot or nothing at all.  

To learn more about having a quilt made from your tee shirts, download our free T Shirt Quilt Buyer’s Guide.  Learn about what to look for when you are ordering a t-shirt quilt.