Houston Quilt Market 2015 - Last Day


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It's our last day of Quilt Market, and we struggled to squeeze in some last sights before heading out. We would have stayed until Monday, but we have to take a day or so to catch up and get ready for Quilt Festival! We walked the whole show On Saturday, and had to come back this morning to make sure we didn't miss anything and tried to visit all of our quilty friends. Thank you for another amazing Quilt Market, Houston!


 International Quilt Market
Houston 2015

Quilt Market 2015 View of Market Floor

We checked several of the fabric vendors and have several (OK, LOTs of) new fabrics ordered for the new year, as well as re-stocking many of our old favorites. I think you will find that T-Shirt Quilts of Texas has the largest variety of fabrics to choose from, than any other professional T-Shirt Quilt company in the country. 

Paula Barnes, Betty and Mary Ellen at Red Crinoline Quilts booth. Paula Barnes, Betty and Mary Ellen at Red Crinoline Quilts booth.

The first stop we made was at Red Crinoline Quilts, with our good friends from Houston; Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robinson. they have a new book just being released.


We walked, shopped and checked out all the new fabrics. Placed orders with several of the fabric vendors like Quilting Treasures, Moda, P&B Fabrics, Choice Fabrics, Blank Quilting and Troy Fabrics,  fabaric vendor Northcott and so on.

Of course, we had loads of fun at Sample Spree on Friday night. Bought several precut fabrics from new lines that don't come out until next year! I think my favorite was the new line from Basic Grey that are blacks, tans and creams. Absolutely love it. As soon as I find my phone, I will add those pictures.

The BIG purchase was a new embroidery machine from Babylock. This is going to enable us to offer improved embroidery services for our T-Shirt Quilt customers.

Oh, did I mention that there was a little bit of 'weather'? Part of hurricane Patricia was blowing through while we were there. Totally missed the storm, as we were shopping at the GRB (George Brown Convention center) and hanging out at the Hilton.

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