Graduation T-Shirt Quilt

It Is Graduation Time Again!

Graduation is a serious time of the year.  Especially for the first graduate in the family.    This is a perfect gift for the the new graduate going off to college.  Our 15-block quilt is the perfect size for those long twin-sized dorm beds.  Order soon so your graduate is not disappointed!

A t-shirt quilt is a great way to utilize all the t-shirts, jackets, jerseys and other clothing items that the graduate won't be wearing once they get to college - they will be gathering a whole new collection of t-shirts! 

Choosing T-Shirts For A Graduation Quilt

15 block graduation quilt.  Perfect for dorm room.

Determine if there is a theme to the quilt:

  • Birth through graduation
  • High school years
  • College years

Choosing the t-shirts (aka. narrowing down the pile to a manageable size)  can be a huge task. 

  • Do you include all the baby clothes, grade school and junior high t-shirts when graduating from high school? 
  • Are you letting him/her take the quilt to college?  If the items in the quilt are 'priceless',  you might consider making two quilts.  One with the heirlooms, and another that can go to college with the graduate.

What Size Should The Quilt Be?

The photo to the right is 15 blocks.  High School sports shirts.  This is a perfect size for the dorm beds at college.  However, your graduate will want to use this quilt after college, and may or may not have a twin sized bed then.  Consider limiting the quilt to 12 blocks (Generous Throw)  or a 20 block which is a Full/Queen sized quilt.

OSU T-Shirt Graduation QuiltFor the College Graduate

Now, for the college graduate, you need a quilt made from the tee shirts collected through out the years they sweat and toiled (LOL)  at college.The orange quilt to the left is an OSU (as in Oklahoma State - not Ohio State).  Check out the bright oranges and black. 

We used a collegiate print for the outer border that brings it all together.  Of course we can do any college or university.  We do feature the Texas schools, as well as LSU (Louisiana) and Auburn fabrics in the shop.  If you have a specific school in mind, just let us know and we can probably get the fabric for YOUR school.   If you aren't into the school fabrics, we can still match the colors to whatever school you went toSykel University School Fabrics - just let us know.  As you can see from the photo to the right, we keep several collegiate licensed fabrics in stock to make your quilt special!

Keep in mind that normal turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks.  We get very busy during graduation season, so the earlier you get your shirts in, the sooner you get your quilt back!  Also, not everyones graduation is at the same time.  We have dates for graduation from mid-May through the first week or so of June. 

If you miss the graduation season, there is always the 'Back To School' season.  If you are not able to get your shirts in to us for graduation; you know, the final shirts that you don't get until the last week or so due to prom or senior parties.  Or, maybe they just want to wear the tee shirts all summer. We understand.  Just present a gift certificate for graduation, and the quilt will be a 'back to school' quilt! 

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