Extra Long Twin Sized College T-Shirt Quilts?

15blocks.jpgEvery February we start working on graduation tshirt quilts. One of the questions we get most often is whether they should make an extra long quilt to fit the oversized beds that are in most dorms.

While we are happy to make a twin-sized (15 blocks - 62" x 94") quilt, we try to discourage this option for a couple of reasons.

  1. Most college kids only stay in the dorm for the first year (usally required of freshmen).  After that, they move into a sorority/fraternity house or other off-campus housing.
  2. Most kids don't make their beds,  the longer size isn't necessary. Our 'Generous Throw' quilt is perfect size to cover the top of twin bed (even the long ones) and will be useful after college while curled up in a chair (and studying!!   - right).
  3. We have found that after the quilt is finished, many moms won't let their sons take the quilt to school. (Moms are pretty sentimental).   

Note that the quilt in the picture has the owners last name (from one of his jerseys) in the lower border.  This helps personalize the quilt - or - you could do a bit of embroidery to make the quilt belong to that special person.

The most popular (and useful) sizes are the Generous Throw (12 blocks 60" x 78") or the Full/Queen (20 blocks 78" x 94") size.  These are both sizes that will fit just about any bed (or couch or chair) that will be used for years and years.  Anything larger, wait until AFTER college and make another quilt from all the shirts they get DURING college! 

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