Getting Your T-Shirts Ready For A Quilt

Clean T-Shirts and Clothing

Pile of tee shirtsFirst and foremost, all tee shirts and clothing should be clean.  Obvious you say... but if you send t-shirts that smell like smoke or mothballs ( or worse - sweat*) - your quilt is going to smell like mothballs!!!

*Note - for odors that don't seem to want to come out of clothing like athletic jerseys; just add a cup of vinegar to the laundry during the soap cycle.

Folding The T-Shirts

This is the easiest part.  Just fold the shirt with the side you want us to use facing out.   This part is critical to creating YOUR perfect t-shirt quilt.  Of course, if you come into the shop, we will go through the t-shirts and I will fold them with the side you want to be used.

tshirtsmarked.jpgHowever, if you are mailing the tee shirts to us, we need some way to know which side to use.  All we ask is that you fold the t-shirt with the  side you want us to use facing out.  If you want us to combine the front and back or use both sides as separate blocks; just add a note to the t-shirt.    We suggest using blue painters tape or regular masking tape.  DON'T use duct tape, as the glue will stay on the t-shirt.  

In the example to the right, the customer added numbers to indicate the order that she would like the tee shirts to be laid out.  Also, she added notes to combine the front and back  (tape with COMB) on it.  These tee shirts are all shirts representing different shows from the theatre group she is in.  The date of performance was on the opposite side of the shirt from the main logo....  Gonna have to talk to those t-shirt designers!

Special Requests

Many times there are particular t-shirts that have extra special meaning and you might want these featured in the center of the quilt.  Just put a note on it "center" and we will place it in the center of the quilt.

Pack the Box

  • Folded Tee Shirts
  • Order Form
  • Deposit

001-sm.jpgPacking a Box

Try to find a box that is an appropriate size for the number of shirts you sending.  In the picture, if that extra piece of tape had not been there, no telling where their tee-shirts would have ended up!  Read more about shipping your t-shirts here.

Plastic Bag

You might want to put the t-shirts  in a large plastic bag before putting iin the box, in case the box gets wet or damaged.  This is especially helpful if you are sending in t-shirts for more than one quilt!

We suggest  that you create your postage label online and ship it via Priority Mail.    Saves you a trip to the post office, and your carrier should come to your door and pick up the box.  (go online the night before and request package pickup).  With Priority mail, you get a tracking number at no additional cost, and a signature is not required.

Read more about what to expect when ordering a T-Shirt Quilt here.

Let Us Know Your Shirts Are On The Way

 Just shoot us an email to let us know your t-shirts are on the way. If we don't receive them after a short time, we can contact you to see if there was a problem in shipping.

Order Form

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