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Best Christmas Present EVER!!!!

Thrilled with new quilt!
Recipient is thrilled with her new quilt!

As we get ready for the upcoming holiday season, I’m reminded of several comments from happy customers from last year.
My favorites:

OMG! Everyone just finished opening their Christmas presents. I had to let you know. The kids were all THRILLED with their quilts. Everyone agrees this was the Best Christmas Ever…
— Janice R. KC MO.

My daughter was so excited to have a “memory quilt“ made from her favorite tees from high school!! Each block has wonderful memories that tell her story ! She squeeled with delight when she opened her Christmas gift, and hugged it to her chest. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
–Pat K. NY NY

Is There Still Time For The Holidays?

Depending on what time you figure out that this is going to be the ‘greatest gift ever’, you have a few options. If ordering BEFORE Thanksgiving, we can generally get your quilt done for Christmas. After that, you might have to add an expedite fee. Just a mere $50, we move you to the front of the list. Of course, if you wait until Christmas Eve, it probably ain’t gonna happen! Just say’n!! Doen’t mean that you can’t still go ahead with the idea, and put a card under the tree that says your quilt is on it’s way.. That way, they can help with the selection of the tees included in the quilt.

Memory Quilt or T-Shirt Quilt???

Whether your kids are still in school, or headed off to college. T-shirts are a mark of time, a memory of a party, an event or a general memory. You might want to refer to this scrapbook you can sleep under a ‘t-shirt quilt’ or a ‘memory quilt’. Either way, know that your recipient is going to LOVE and reasure this heirloom for a lifetime. Find out more about T-Shirt Quilts or Memory Quilts.

A custom quilt made with your families t-shirts is a perfect gift. Your kiddos tees are memories. Whether you are including tshirts from the last couple of years, vacations, sports events or marathon runs; all make great memory quilts.

The best part of all is that you get to clean out your attic, kids room, or other storage space to make what your family member will confirm. It’s “The Best Christmas Ever.”

Holiday Gifts TShirts
A tshirt quilt is a great gift for the holidays.