All About T-Shirt and Memory Quilts

T-shirt Quilts For Fundraising

We have been creating quite a few t-shirt quilts that are going to be used in Silent Auctions, Online Auctions, Raffles and other fundraisers.  We are thrilled to hear the stories that go along with these quilts and I wanted to share a special one today.

Dougbe River School of Liberia

We recently visited my brother and his wife in Cleveland Ohio. We kept hearing about "Dougbe"  (Dougbe River Presbyterian School of Liberia).   After learning about this special school that they have started for all those kids,  we wanted to know how we could help.  Their church has an  upcoming annual gala to raise funds for the Dougbe River School. We wanted to do something for this mission so we made this Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt for their silent auction.  Hopefully, it will bring a nice chunk of change towards their fund raising goal.

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Best Christmas Present EVER!!!

As we get ready for the upcoming holiday season, I'm reminded of several comments from happy customers from last year.

My favorite:

OMG!  Everyone just finished opening their Christmas presents.  I had to let you know. The kids were all THRILLED with their quilts.  Everyone agrees this was the Best Christmas Ever...    
Janice  R.   KC MO.

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Fabric Quilt Labels 101

What Is A Quilt Label?

I get a LOT of questions about quilt labels.  What are they, where do they go, why do I need one? Do you have a favorite that you've had since you were a baby?  Maybe you are lucky enough to sleep under a quilt that your grandmother made.  Do you know when it was made?  Or why you now have it?   A quilt label will tell generations to come why this quilt is important.

We make hundreds of quilts each year, and while we think they should all have a label on the quilt to document the quilt, that is not always an option when creating quilts for others.   

Label made for tshirt quilt made of running/marathon tees.

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Quilting Acronyms

Social media is all over the place.  You see acronyms like LOL, BTW, TOT and so on.  These are the more common abbreviations, but what does FART mean?    With tshirt quilts, we have several shortcuts that might seem greek to you.   Earlier, I was watching a YouTube video and literally SMD (spit my drink) while watching silly animals.  These are some more commonly used acronyms that quilters use, not necessariy pertaining to tshirt quits.

What Do Those Letters Mean?

BITE    Beige, Ivory, Tan, Ecru  (Fabric background color choices)
BOB    Beginner's Only Block (swap)
BOM    Block Of the Month
BOW    Block of the Week
BTW     By The Way
B9P  Blooming Nine Patch  (quilt pattern)
COC  Cream on Cream (fabric)
CW   Civil War
D9P    Disappearing Nine Patch  (quilt pattern)
DH     Dear/Darn/Darling Husband
DSM   Domestic Sewing Machine (home sewing machine, not long arm)

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All About Quilt Batting

A Little Bit About Batting

A quilt is like a sandwich and is made of three layers. The top, batting and backing. The batting is what goes in the middle of the "quilt sandwich.”  This little informational tutorial will discuss many different types and uses of batting (See 60 Uses for Batting ). You can choose from 100% cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blend, bamboo, wool, silk, etc.

To help decide which to use, you may want to ask yourself a few questions first:

    • What will the finished product be used for? Quilt, wall hanging, bed-spread, etc.
    • Who will the end user be? Does it need to be flame retardant for children?
    • Does it need to be especially warm?
    • In a warm climate - does it need to breathe?
    • How do I want the finished quilting project to look - flat or fluffy? Contemporary or traditional?
    • Do I need a light or dark batting?
    • Will it be hand or machine quilted?
    • How much am I willing to spend?
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5 Quilting Rules Made To Be Broken

What is the old adage?  "Rules are made to be broken"   Most of the time, rules are a good thing, like stopping at red lights, do unto others and so on. But, in the quilting world we do it differently.  I promise the "quilt police" won't come after you,  (however, if you are entering a quilt show, you might want to re-think your decisions).

5 Rules You MUST Never Break

Where did you learn about quilting?  Was it a quilt handed down from your grandmother?  OK, maybe your grandma taught you to quilt.  She probably started quilting before there were all the modern tools like rotary cutters (circa 1985), plastic rulers, printed patterns and quilt shops.  What?  They quilted before rotary cutters?  Yes,  my grandmother (Annie Scarlett) inspired me with her creativity.  When I declared that I was going to make a quilt, she laughed and sent me a box full of teensy tiny pieces of feedsacks that were already cut and ready to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  

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